Delta Airlines Ticket Refund and Non-Refundable Policy

At present, traveling by air has become one of the most preferred choices of people all over the world, when it comes to choosing from various modes of transport. The old saying that flying is the most protected and secure way of traveling holds true even today. 

People opt for more opulent travel experiences irrespective of their financial status and the travel duration. The traveling industry is rapidly growing in order to cater to the needs of the customers. Be it a low-cost airline or a comparatively expensive one, there is a boom in their capacity with a brisk flourishment in the travel sector.

Delta airlines is a well-reputed airline company that excels in a wide range of criteria including comfort, customer satisfaction, timeliness, cancellation and refund, pricing, lost baggage and many more. 

It has the largest network of cities and lounges served along with an outstanding on-time record.  It also has great cabin features and the least number of customer complaints and grievances.

Let us know more about the policies and procedures concerning the ticket refunds, which is one of the many facilities offered by the Delta airlines. 

Can you get a refund on a plane ticket delta?  

Different airline companies have their own rules and policies for the flight cancellations and refunds. With Delta airlines, you are eligible to get the entire repayment if your flight gets diverted, delayed or even canceled.

A person who has been removed from the flight due to some unavoidable reason is also entitled to repayment by the airlines.

The refund policy varies for refundable, non-refundable and other types of tickets.

How to cancel the ‘Delta refundable ticket’? 

The airline tickets can be canceled through the delta airlines’ app, website or in-person by the passengers depending on the kind of ticket purchased when it was purchased as well as from where it was purchased.

Procedure for the ‘Delta airlines ticket refund’ 

1) Canceling the ticket via phone: –

  • The first step is to call at the reservation desk, depending on the particular living country of the passenger and the airlines will provide you with the required services irrespective of the fact that whether you are present in or outside of their living country.
  • After this, you need to answer if you are a member of SkyMiles with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘No’.
  • Next, you have to select the numbers to go to the ‘Customer Service’ option and stay on the line until you are connected to an official representative.
  • Tell the representative that you want to cancel your flight reservation.
  • Also, it is important to provide the necessary details to the representative in order to cancel the ticket.
  • After the ticket has been canceled, you can ask for a refund.

2) Canceling the flight reservation in person: – 

  • For canceling the ticket reservation in person, you are supposed to stand in the ‘Full Service’ waiting line at your local airport’s airline ticket counter.
  • Then you should inform the official representative that you want to cancel your ticket reservation.
  • Provide all the required reservation and identification details to the representative in order to cancel the reservation.
  • After the procedure has been successfully completed, you can ask for a refund.

3) Canceling the flight online: – 

  • Go to the airline’s website and click on the ‘Travel Information’ option present on the top right corner.
  • After that, click on the ‘Itineraries and Check-in’ option to know about your trip details.
  • You need to provide the necessary information like your first name, last name, confirmation number, etc. in the specified field. After entering all the details click on the ‘Go’ option to go to the reservation page.
  • Click on the option to cancel your flight reservation from the page.
  • In the case of a refundable ticket, you can request them online for the repayment, after the cancellation process is complete. 
  • Refund for Unutilized Trip purchases

By filling out a form, you can request for a refund for unutilized trip purchases like a Wi-Fi pass or a sky priority boarding along with various other facilities. It is important to check the individual terms for the details of these purchases beforehand, as not all these facilities are eligible for a refund.

  • Refund for repayable tickets 

You need to fill up a request form to get a refund for an approaching trip. The ticket must be a refundable one, bought with a credit card, check or even cash. The airline ensures that the refund is granted to your initial payment mode or method.

  • Refund for trip security 

You can apply for a refund for unutilized trip protection cover by filling out a simple form.

  • Keep a check on your repayment status 

You can keep a check on the current status of your repayment request if you have already forwarded an application for the same.

How to cancel the ‘Delta non-refundable ticket’? 

When a person purchases a non-refundable ticket, then a certain amount of cancellation fee gets deducted from the initial price of the ticket. If there is any remainder value, it can be utilized as an eCredit to buy another ticket. Tickets such as a basic economy pass, cannot be canceled.

1) In order to cancel a non-refundable ticket, Find Your Trip or you can log on to My Trips

2) Next, you need to choose the trip that you want to cancel.

3) Click on the ‘Cancel Flight’ option and follow the necessary steps.

Delta refundable and non-refundable ticket policy 

1) Risk-free cancellation for up to 24 hours 

Delta Airlines make sure to process the repayment of your canceled ticket within 24 hours from the purchase. The customers who book their tickets directly online on or the Fly Delta app can avail the benefit of risk-free cancellation as a part of the company’s Customer commitment after purchasing an eTicket.

This means that you can cancel your ticket within 24 hours due to any reason.

If in case your bank or the credit card issuer holds the funds, then you should talk to them about their policies.

2) The ‘Delta airlines non-refundable ticket policy’ 

Delta airline’s cancellation policy for a non-refundable ticket states that the cancellation fee for the same starts at $200 according to your itinerary (the application fee mentioned in the fee rules of your ticket are subject to change).

The remainder value of your ticket will be provided to you by the airlines as an eCredit which must be used within one year from the date on which the ticket has been issued.

3) The ‘Delta ticket refund policy’ 

This refund policy states that if the airline does not permit a person to fly on their plane, then they can’t try to re-book him/her. However, the passenger will be provided with a refund for the unutilized share of the ticket.  

The airlines will offer repayment to those passengers who: –

  • Are violent, abusive and offensive.
  • Do not possess correct documents for overseas travel
  • Do not provide identity proof
  • Do not allow to conduct the search of themselves and their property, etc.

4) Deadline for cancellations 

Basic economy passes- 

Cancellations can be done for up to 24 hours under the ‘24-hour risk–free cancellation or change policy’. If you fail to meet the prescribed deadline, then you will not be allowed to cancel your reservation.

Refundable Tickets- 

In case there is an unforeseen emergency and you need to cancel your flight reservation, then the Delta refund policy allows you to make cancellations any time before the departure.

Non-Refundable Tickets- 

Cancellations excluding the fees are to be made under the ‘24-hours risk-free cancellation or change policy’. The cancellations which are made after 24 hours from purchasing the ticket are subject to cancellation charges.

Award Tickets

For the award flights, cancellations can only be done at least 72 hours prior to the return or departure of the flight.

5) Refunds 

  • Non-refundable ticket refunds are provided as eCredits which are akin to gift cards. This means that you can only access and utilize this credit with Delta only.
  • The refunds for a refundable ticket will be provided as repayment to your initial payment method or mode.
  • If you have paid for any extra amenities like seats or Wi-Fi as add-ons, then depending on each itinerary, few of those are not eligible for any refunds.

6) Did not show up or missed the flight 

If you somehow did not show up or unfortunately missed the flight on refundable or non-refundable tickets, then the airlines will provide you with the remaining credit of the flight you missed, but without the cancellation fee, in case of non-refundable tickets.

Even basic economy flights will not be refunded.

 Delta airlines have one of the most convenient and passenger-friendly cancellations and refund policies. With its 24-hours risk-free cancellation or change policy, the travelers can easily cancel their flight reservations and receive the entire repayment without any hassle. Delta also makes anomaly for non-refundable charges in the event of the death of a passenger, family member or a travel comrade.

Delta Air Lines offering passengers ticket-changes, refunds

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