Delta Airlines Flights Ticket Change Fee

Airplanes have been one of the most convenient means of transportation. No matter what financial background one belongs to, people mostly prefer to travel by air. Airplanes save a lot of time in comparison with other means of transport. Not only in business but also in other professions like Doctor, time plays an important role. Airplanes also are more luxurious and less crowded than any other transportation system.

The preference of people for luxurious traveling in a much shorter time has increased the demands of airlines all over the world. Some of the airlines are old as of early 20th century, like the Delta Airlines. It is one of the largest global airlines which carries over 180 million people in a year. These old airlines are the most trusted by the people because of their experience and their global presence. 

They are also one of the elite airlines around the globe. They provide a premium experience in every aspect. Along with the luxury seats they also have long haul flatbed seats. These can be used to sleep during the night. Luxury seats have spaces to stretch out and relax and can recline. They also provide more than 1000 hours of movies, music, and games. 

Delta flight change fee-

Delta Airlines is providing its services to people since 1924 and people trust them due to their consistency. But at times situation arises, where many people are forced to change their flights for personal reasons. Delta Airlines are known for their customer centric approach and provides one of the easiest flight change procedures. All these are done online, keeping in mind that customers do not like hassle and complicated procedures.

Delta Airlines Flights Ticket Change Fee

Flights change should be done before 24 hours of flight departure. Tickets like the Basic Economy cannot be changed after the Risk-Free Cancellation period. 

Procedure for online change of non- refundable tickets-

The change fee of a non-refundable ticket can vary from $200-$500. 

  • Login into your account 
  • Go to My Trips
  • Select the flight 
  • Click on ‘Modify Flight’
  • Click on ‘Start Flight Change’
  • Choose the new flight
  • Pay Delta Airlines change fee and fare difference between the previous and the new flight price
  • Receive the confirmation message

Procedure for online change of refundable tickets-

All the procedure for changing a refundable ticket is the same as the non-refundable tickets. You can also get to change your tickets without any Delta ticket change fee. It happens only when the prices are the same, and all the ticket rules are satisfied. If the price of the new ticket is more than the previous ticket, then you have to pay the ticket difference. 

Procedure for online change of award tickets-

Award tickets are provided by different organizations as a token of appreciation or offer. But the changing of the award tickets are needed to be done 72 before the flight time. The procedures are the same as refundable and non-refundable tickets.

Procedure for online change of domestic tickets-

Domestic flights cover all 50 United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. To change a domestic flight ticket, you have to pay a $200 change fee. After paying the Delta Airlines flight change fee, the remaining amount of the old ticket will add up to the new one.

Procedure for online change of international tickets-

For all international flights, the change fee starts from $200. It can differ from person to person depending on the distance of the destination, location, and the type of fare. After paying the changing fee, you will receive a confirmation of the ticket change. 

Third-party ticket change fee-

Third-party tickets are those which are booked through some other websites, hotels, or vacation packages. These tickets are not issued by Delta Airlines, so they charge Additional fares during these kinds of changes.

The third-party ticket change fee will apply to-
  • Traditional travel agency
  • Online travel agency
  • Other airlines, having SkyTeam and codeshare as partners
Additional charges will not apply to-

Tickets which are sold by Delta airlines via ticket office,, reservation sales or through the Delta Airline’s official app

  • Involuntary changes like cancellations, or delays
  • Tickets of military or government
  • Completion of SkyMiles upgrade
  • Same-Day Confirmation

Procedure for online same day change of tickets-

Same-day ticket changes are done within 24 hours before the departure of the flight. Basic Economy tickets for international travel cannot be changed. A ticket which is domestic or includes the United States, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands can be applied for same-day change. You can face two situations while doing the same-day change.

– Same-day confirmed-

A confirmed ticket is provided when you have a seat in the old flight, and they have vacancies in the new flight. Delta same-day change fee is $75. It is complimentary for Diamond, Platinum, and Gold members.

– Same-day standby-

You may have to wait if there are no vacant seats on the plane.

The fee is the same as the confirmed same-day, $75 and is charged if your change is confirmed.

There are certain rules and regulations attached to the Delta Airlines. A passenger must follow these rules to avoid any further issue with the airlines.

  • Schedules and fares are changed without any notice. 
  • Certain restrictions are added to the fare.
  • Seats are limited on the flight. There is a chance that a person may not get any seat in any of the airline flights.
  • Tickets are provided to the respective passenger only. It cannot be transferred to any other name.
  • While purchasing a ticket through the, you can read the rules and fare. Also, look at the Taxes/Fees link during booking of Delta Airlines tickets.
  • The prices of the Itineraries of include transportation taxes & fees levied by the Government.
  • Only the tickets bought through e-tickets are guaranteed with quoted fare at
  • E-ticket purchased from can be canceled without penalty if it qualifies for Risk-free Cancellation.

Delta Airline Policies-

International travel policies-

Some countries for the safety of the children have restrictions on children traveling with guardian or unaccompanied. 

  – To travel from Brazil an under 18 minor should have an additional document for leaving the country alone. 

  – To travel from Italy, an unaccompanied minor should have the following documents with him/her to travel out of the country. 

  • They should have an individual passport
  • Dichiarazione di accompagno authorized by the police

  – Most of the countries require an additional document or a notarized letter from a parent to let the minor board an international flight.

24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation-

The risk-free ticket is an e-ticket which gives you 24 hours after buying the ticket to cancel it and receive a full refund of the ticket.

24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation Procedure

  • Log In into your account
  • Select the trip needed to be canceled
  • Select ‘Cancel Flight’ button
  • Follow the steps
  • Receive a full refund

Pet Travel-

Delta allows people to carry particular pets. Review the requirements and call Delta Airlines customer service on +1-855-915-0936 to arrange space for your pet. 

  • For the pets to be allowed in the flight, they should be small and can be fitted into a small ventilated box. Pets are considered as a piece of personal luggage and can travel through one-way fee.
  • For some countries, pets have to travel as cargo. For more details check the Delta Airways website.
  • There are certain rules while traveling with pets. Make sure to follow these.
  • The pet should properly fit into the ventilated kennel, without having the ability to move around or protrude. It should fit under your front seat.
  • A soft and hard sized kennel should be leak proof. Check the under-seat dimensions in the website.
  • The pet should remain inside the kennel all the times through boarding area, airport lounges, and on the aircraft.
  • For domestic travel, the pet should be at least 10 weeks old.

GDS booking-

This policy is made to clear out any doubts of the customer related to the use of GDS for booking, reserving, and ticketing Delta for transportation. Tariff rules are designed to let the customers have the flexibility in price and travel. Applying these rules benefits a customer.

It is mandatory to follow these policies whenever you are traveling with the Delta Airlines. These policies are meant to clear any doubts of the customer related to the airlines. The Delta customer service and the luxurious flight service provided by the Delta Airlines has made them into an elite airline.  

Keeping in mind their customer’s skill of using the internet, they have designed their website as one of the easiest handled websites. People can ask their doubts in the help section or can also search for frequently asked questions. Changing flights on Delta Airlines is also simple, no complicated steps involved. 

Only a few airlines operate in this much more efficiently, and Delta Airlines is one of them. This is the only reason why Delta Airlines are the best for traveling. And the services provided by them are better in comparison with their competitors.

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