Miami Visiting Places

Trip to land of beaches “Miami” by Delta Airlines

The world is beautiful but not wonderful as resembling Miami Beaches. All of us decided to go for a vacation as a reunion voyage to Miami. We seven of fellow never met after the graduation party, it’s been long 9 cohesive years for all of us. Time stops for no one so without wasting time on the discussion we picked Miami as our destination and I booked 7 tickets with Delta Airlines Reservations. Delta Airlines offers luxury services at affordable prices. I always prefer Delta flights to travel, the customer service is exceptional and lounges maintain an excellent standard of quality. For me booking through the Delta Airlines Reservations number is beneficial but you may reserve your seats from numerous methods offered by Delta Airlines. 

How to reserve seats in Delta flights?

Delta Airlines booking offers to schedule tickets through the official website, mobile app, over the call in Delta Airlines Reservations number, at the airport counter, etc. If you have stable connectivity of the Internet then you may prefer reserving seats from delta airlines official site. The website allows you to compare and pick an ideal deal for you. 

Facilities offered by Delta Airlines?

At the airport, delta airline offers us a dedicated check-in counter as we are a business class passenger. All of us appreciated those kinds of facilities and each of us finishes the check-in process quite comfortably. In the cabin, beds are pretty spacious with personal entertainment equipment. When we complete half an hour in the flight the cabin crew member assisted us complimentary meals with premiums drinks. The whole journey will be revived as an extraordinary journey for all of us with the offered In-Flight service and all the crew members are so helpful. Assuredly, I will recommend everyone to schedule tickets with Delta Airlines Reservations and enjoy premium journey in budget.

When we arrived at the Miami “land of exceptional beaches”, we all prepared a list of engaging places in Miami.

Travel To Miami Beach

All of us were so excited to witness the iconic beach of Miami. Whenever we touch the land of Miami, only one thought comes to our mind (Miami Beach “sand, shining sun, the flow of salty water). It is located on an island that is far away from Miami municipality. Miami Beach is itself a heaven for tourists to relax their parched souls. The movement of water will take out all the pain stored inside you. It is the best place for a family vacation or a group tour of friends.

Miami Zoo

It is the most comprehensive zoo and the only tropical located in the USA. The Miami zoo covers 750 acres of land with 3000+ animals. For recognition, the zoo is divided into four parts- Asia, Africa, the Amazon and Beyond, and Australia. Millions of tourists visit the zoo every year for experiencing the habitat of animals. If you want to explore the beauty lives in the zoo you require preparing a trip within the month of March to May. 

Miami Seaquarium 

Exploring Miami is incomplete if you failed to visit Miami Seaquarium, present 4 km away from the main city. The Miami Seaquarium is the home for thousands of mammals, reptiles, fishes, sea turtles, birds, and manatees, etc. Witness the world’s oldest captive orca named Lolita in Miami Seaquarium.

Vizcaya Museum

The Vizcaya Museum is set on 28 acres, in the 20th century, most of the industrialists prefer it has a luxury home. Vizcaya Museum was built in 1916 with the help of 1000+ workers, the museum has 34 rooms with a premium standard of interior. For the person who loves sculpture and ancient art must need to visit Vizcaya Museum once for experiencing the vintage modeling

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